Dimitris Mavroeidis was born on May 8, 1986. He studied electronic engineering at the University of West Attica (formerly TEI of Piraeus) and shipping at SBE Shipping and Business Education. He owns his own company and offers specialized preventive screening in shipping and large industrial units. His constant trips to China for business made him love the Chinese language and culture.

Through the book A Practical Guide to Learning Chinese for Beginners he wanted to share his love and passion for this extraordinary language.


Πρακτικός οδηγός εκμάθησης Κινεζικών για αρχάριους2Πρακτικός οδηγός εκμάθησης Κινεζικών για αρχάριους

The book A Practical Guide to Learning Chinese for Beginners – HSK1 and HSK2 Levels is organized into three parts:

The first part includes:
• Basic pronunciation theory of Pinyin
• Basic rules for writing Chinese characters (ideograms) and stroke order
• Word stress rules
• Practical rules for rendering Chinese pronunciation in Greek language

The second part consists of 302 Chinese characters included in the examination syllabus of the HSK1 (1-151) – HSK2 (152-302) Levels:
• Detailed stroke order and practice on Chinese writing
• Examples of the use of Chinese characters in phrases and sentences of everyday communication

The third part focuses on the practice of writing phrases and sentences
with Chinese characters (ideograms) and Pinyin